Falling or staying asleep No Joke

If you eat too late and have trouble falling or staying asleep No Joke, symptoms that characterize insomnia, you might wonder: How long should I wait between eating and going to bed to sleep? Is it bad to go to bed too soon after eating?

Whether it’s a midnight snack or simply your late dinner after a busy day, your food takes about 3 hours to completely leave your stomach after eating. The bottom line is that sleeping after eating causes digestive problems because you’re not in an upright position which is the preferred way for your body to digest food. If you continually sleep after eating, it’s can possibly lead to a number of digestive diseases. If you are hungry try to just have something to drink which is easier to digest.

Undigested food in the stomach when going to bed will give you a big belly, restlessness because all the blood rushes to the stomach to try and breakdown and breakdown the food. Which will prevent you from sleeping and make you wake up more tired than when you went to bed. No Joke

So eat and choose your foods wisely.

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Can it be used on leg quads? Back Support Brace PosturePerfector PowerPalm

Yes. You can use on all of your extremities. Active Mask replacement Gel Pad Knee Pain Or Injury

How does it actually work? muscle stimulator CryoDerm Cold Therapy Pain Relief Massager PosturePerfector

Yes. The Myoball is an extremity roller. No Joke You put your arm or leg through and roll it up and down

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